Is CISV religious?
No. CISV is not affiliated with any religious organization or religion. CISV is open to all individuals regardless of their religious beliefs.
Is CISV political?
No. We are not encouraged or supported by any political direction. CISV is open to all individuals regardless of their political ideologies.
Which language is spoken at camps?
CISV's official language is English. Although many languages are informally spoken at camp, most CISV participants have some understanding of English.
Do all kids speak English?
English fluency is not required to participate in CISV. Children quickly learn to express themselves non-verbally or in basic English. The leaders and staff utilize "translation time" before and during activities to ensure all delegates understand and can fully participate in activities.


When can I apply?
Programs for the upcoming year are announced in the late fall. Most applicants attend Mini Camp in early February where they interview for their program.
Which programs can I apply to?
Our Programs have strict age guidelines. Staff must be the proper age on the first day of the program. Leaders must be the proper age on the day of departure for the program. Participants must turn the age specified by the program and the invitation, during the year in which the program is hosted.
What is the selection process?
All applicants must submit a written application and interview with an adult board member. Priority is given to families with CISV experience both in participating and volunteering for the local chapter.
Cancellation of an event by CISV?
In this case, paid program fees will be refunded in full.
What is covered by the CISV insurance?
  • Costs due to illness or accidents
  • Travel expenses incurred by cancellation or program cancellation by CISV or by accident or illness of the participant or the leader (up to 1000 GBP)
  • Loss of travel baggage
  • Cost of travel delay
  • Crisis management in an emergency (political, natural catastrophe)
  • Liability insurance for damage caused outside CISV


When and how do the local delegates get to know each other?
Delegates, parents of delegates, and a delegation leader will meet several times before travel, usually at a family’s home. This allows delegates, parents, and leader to become comfortable with each other before traveling and easily discuss logistics.
What does “Pre-Camp 1” mean?
“Precamps” is a term used for communicating logistical information from the hosting nation to all traveling nations. Most camps send 2-3 pre-camps prior to the start of camp. Pre-camp 1 is the first information sent from the hosting nation. The first pre-camp includes:
  • Host chapter information
  • Travel logistics: nearest airport, highly recommended arrival and departure time
  • Contact information of host chapter and camp director
  • Necessary CISV forms
  • List of other countries/states that will be attending camp
Pre-camps 2 and 3 include more detailed information about the host chapter’s climate, camp theme, possible excursions, and more.
Forms, forms, forms?
Prior to travel, delegates, parents, and leaders must complete the necessary CISV forms. Necessary forms are dependent on the program. Please visit the forms (hyperlink here) to see which forms are necessary for your upcoming program.


How many kids are accompanied by a leader?
Participants ages 15 and under will travel in small groups, usually 4-6 youth with one adult leader. Participants ages 16-18 traveling as a Junior Counselor, an individual Youth Meeting delegate, or Seminar Camp delegate will travel alone.
Who is a leader?
An adult at least 21 years old who has completed the application process and is in good standing with CISV Rocky Mountain Denver, CISV USA, and CISV International. We strive to recruit the best leaders possible, many of them previous youth CISVers. It is vital that leaders can deal with difficult situations and support their delegates during travel and camp.
How do you become a leader?
Fill out a written application and submit to rockymountaindenver@cisvusa.org. Must be at least 21 years of age and complete a criminal background check. Previous experience with travel and youth is recommended. Must be available to participate during summer (June-August) or winter (December-January) 10-30 days during offered camp dates. Click here for more information.
What is a leader’s income?
There are no financial opportunities for leaders as leaders are volunteers only. However, all travel costs and camp costs (food, lodging, transportation) are covered. Interchange leaders and local staff opportunities provide a small stipend.
What is the difference between a leader and a staff?
Each camp has a group of local, national, and/or international staff adults who support camp logistics. Staff do not have a delegation but are required to live on-site during the program. Staff receives training and a small stipend.
Are there opportunities to staff a local program?
Yes! Each year our chapter host a program that requires a local staff. Staff does not need to have previous experience with CISV (although preferred).

During a Program

What happens on a regular day at a program?
Each program has a full curriculum that includes activities and games to educate and inspire individuals to become active and contributing members of a peaceful society—active global citizens. Most days participants engage in 3-5 activities based on the four content areas of CISV activities (Diversity, Human Rights, Conflict and Resolution, and Sustainability), free time and leisure time, delegation time, mealtime, and cleaning time.
Is the age of children considered?
Camps for 14-18 year olds require delegates to take ownership of the program. Delegates usually split up into “planning groups.” Each planning group is challenged to work together and required to plan 1-4 activities during camp. Camps for 11-13 year olds are designed primarily by leaders and staff, but allow the option for delegates to plan activities.
What's for dinner?
Regional food. Special needs of the children (vegetarian, allergies, no pork, ...) are taken into consideration.
What about religious services?
CISV is not affiliated with any religion. If a participant wants to participate in religious services while on a program, contact the host chapter as soon as possible. Most religious practices can be accommodated.
Can participants use mobile phones, tablets, or laptops while at program?
Delegates are prohibited from using electronic devices during camp, leaders and staff may use mobile phones, tablets, and most laptops during designated times and out of sight of delegates for communication with parents and emergencies only. Without the distraction of technology, delegates can fully immerse themselves in camp. Devices may be incorporated during family-based Interchange programs.
What if there is an emergency at camp?
Our staff and leaders are prepared for most situations and follow the CISV Crisis Plan implemented by the local chapter. Each program has at least one staff member trained in CPR and First Aid. Additionally, all local CISV boards include trained risk managers.

Host Families

For which programs are there family stays?
Most programs utilize host families for 1-3 nights at some point during the program. Host families host a minimum of 2 delegates per stay. However, the interchange program requires families to host one delegate for 14-28 days.
How many children live with a host family?
During the interchange program, one participant stays with a family. For all other programs, at least 2 delegates live with a host family at one time.
Who can be host family?
Most families can be a host family. All host families must be members of the CISV Rocky Mountain Denver chapter in good standing.
What are the requirements to be a host family?
Visit the “Join Us” tab and select “Become a Host Family” for requirements, the application process, and more information.
How much money does a host family receive?
Becoming a host family with CISV is a voluntary activity. There are no paid opportunities.