Local Mini-Camp

Application Forms: Behavior Form | Legal Form | CISV Code of Conduct



Application Forms: Application | Supplement | Reference | Involvement

Post Selection : Forms & Guidance


Step Up

Application Forms: Application | Supplement | Reference| Involvement

Post Selection : Forms & Guidance



Application Forms: Application | Family Reference  | Involvement | Background Check

Post Selection : Forms & Guidance


Youth Meeting

Application Forms: Application | Reference | Involvement

Post Selection : Forms & Guidance


Junior Counselor

Application Forms: ApplicationReference | Involvement

Post Selection : Forms & Guidance (Please complete the same forms as Seminar Camp. CISV does not have separate area for JCs.)



Application Forms: Application | Reference

Post Selection: Forms & Guidance


Seminar Camp

Application Forms: Application | Reference| Involvement

Post Selection : Forms & Guidance


International People’s Project

Application Forms: Application

Post Selection: Forms & Guidance


Leaders and Staff

Application Forms: Application| Mini-Camp | Reference

Post Selection:* Adult Legal Information Form | Health Form

*also see Post Selection Forms & Guidance for applicable program