Become a CISV Leader

We are always looking for leaders who are ready to build international friendships and lead and support our delegates.

Please visit our program page for all current opportunities or contact

Duties and Responsibilities

  • You are accompanying a group of 4-7 children between the ages of 11 and 15 to a up-to-4-week CISV program
  • Depending on the age, you are "mom and dad substitute" or understanding big brother / sister
  • You are directing the children to participate in the CISV program
  • You are planning and coordinating activities, games and small demonstrations with the staff and the other leaders.
  • Sometimes you create a funny and interactive presentation of your home country with your delegation.
  • Sometimes you prepare a “cultural activity” with your delegation. This activity links your country to the camp theme.
  • You receive training (all expenses paid) that will prepare you for your tasks as best as possible.
  • You are holding preparatory meetings with the families of the children, facilitate at the PreCamp weekend and take part in preparing the whole family for the summer CISV experience
  • During the program you are the sole communication interface between the camp and the parents of the children.

Your Competences

  • Fond of children; Enjoy being there for them and working with them
  • Creativity and Enthusiasm
  • Comfortable in a "camp" environment
  • Strong nerves and the ability to keep calm even in difficult situations
  • Good organizational ability
  • Good communication skills - with children as well as adults
  • Foreign language skills not required: but patience with others whom English is not the main language is required
  • Openness to other cultures, world views, languages, religions, ...
  • Not be afraid of traveling