Be a Host Family

An important part of most  CISV programs are home stays:

  • At Villages and Step Ups at the beginning of the camp, so that the leaders can prepare the camp
  • At Villages in the middle, delegates pair up with a buddy from another country for a local home stay weekend
  • For all camps for participants who are leaving earlier or later for logistical reasons
To give the participants the experience they should make during their stay in a foreign country we need friendly hosts who can be current CISV families, alumni or friends.  This is a very rewarding experience and is an important part of CISV Programming.
Our delegates who travel to other countries have the experience of local home stays.  They are  welcomed as guests in other countries and have enjoyed tyhe hospitality from their host families. The children who come here should be treated with similar kindness!

The Prerequisites:

  • Space - a mattress per guest child. We do not expect proper beds or rooms; it’s fine for same gender children share the room with the guests.
  • Transportation.  To or from airport and to or from camp depending on the timing of the homestay,
  • Patience and Understanding. Some children have endured a long flight; most of them are excited; some are abroad for the first time and may be feeling very homesick if this is their first travel program.
Everyone in the household over the age of 16 of the host family must have a background check.  In addition, drivers must be over 25 with proof of valid license and insurance.  To learn more about upcoming Homestay needs contact us at .