Junior Branch

Wait, there is more! CISV isn’t just about the travel program.

What is the Junior Branch?

Junior Branch is an active and integral component of CISV International. CISV’s Junior Branch members (JBers) are local CISVers who develop their intercultural and leadership skills through organizing and taking part in educational and local service activities. JBers also often take an active role in the administrative responsibilities of their Chapters. Through their national and international networks, JBers organize their own regional and international activities and events on a wide variety of themes, such as social justice and the environment.

JB Goals

The JB Goals describe what JBers hope to achieve by taking part in Junior Branch. The JB Goals are:

  1.  Building an Inclusive Community
  2.  Developing our Organization
  3.  Advancing Leadership
  4.  Educating By Experience
  5.  Empowering to Reflect and Act

The JB takes part in global initiatives such as supporting the International Day of Peace.  JBs are self governing because we strongly value electing our own leaders. JB advances leadership by  taking charge of running their own activities.  JB gives youth the chance to take action and plan their own events and activities, from arranging activities for youth from the entire chapter.

Activities & Calendar Highlights

See events details of upcoming events.

JB Board Members for 2020-2021

Past Local Junior Representative: Levi

Local Junior Representative: Will and Claudia

Junior Local Junior Representative: Margaux and Sam

Secretary: Ethan

Historian: Ellie

11-12 Year Old Junior Board Representative: Riley

Members At Large: Lilah and Max

Community Committee Members: Tomi, Carson, and Ally

Junior Board Adult Advisors: Julie and Gianna

Questions about the junior branch? Email: rmdjb@cisvusa.org